Phish - 09-30-2000


webcast > mpeg
Thomas & Mack Center
Las Vegas, NV

discs: 3
recording type: AUD/neumann
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating:

[disc 1]
set 1:
1. crowd
2. Walfredo
3. The Curtain With
4. Maze
5. Roggae
6. I Didn't Know
7. Mike's Song >
8. Simple >
9. I Saw It Again

[disc 2]
set 1 con't:
1. Esther >
2. Weekapaug Groove
set 2:
3. Happy Birthday, Timber (Jerry)
4. AC/DC Bag
5. Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Thank You/Narration > Fly Famous Mockingbird

[disc 3]
set 2 con't:
1. Twist >
2. Sand >
3. A Day in the Life
4. Emotional Rescue

Webcast converted into mpeg with TMPGEnc, Video CD compliant The webcast audio was removed and replaced with: Neumann u89i (Centered and split 20 feet, Hypercardiod, 80Hz roll off)> Graham Patten DMIC-20 @ 48kHz> Sony PCM-M1> Montego II S/PDIF> Cool Edit 2000 @ 44.1kHz/CDWav> .WAV/.SHN > 224 kbps mp2 (inserted with TMPGEnc)

Warning: There are parts of this where the video freezes for five seconds or so. The audio keeps playing, and then the video joins back in, still in sync. It's not bad at first, but gets annoying towards the end of the first set. The second set isn't bad. I'm sorry, I can only work with what we've got!

If you have better quality (less dropouts) indexed (seekable) set I, please email me at

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