Phish - 12-31-2009


American Airlines Arena
Miami, FL

recording type: AUD/schoeps
shn: yes; book/page: 5/14
quality rating: A

[show] (229:00)
set 1:
1. AC/DC Bag * > (6:46)
2. 46 Days (6:53)
3. Water in the Sky (3:01)
4. Bathtub Gin (10:27)
5. Punch You in the Eye > (7:50)
6. The Moma Dance (7:16)
7. Guyute (11:22)
8. Swept Away (5:41)
9. Steep > (1:55)
10. Demand (8:08)
11. Lawn Boy (2:59)
12. Julius (8:08)
set 2:
13. Rock and Roll > (9:37)
14. Piper > (9:52)
15. Simple > (8:46)
16. Theme from the Bottom (8:07)
17. Shine a Light (5:20)
18. Ghost * > (13:52)
19. NO2 (3:11)
20. Suzy Greenberg (6:31)
set 3:
21. Party Time > (6:16)
22. Auld Lang Syne > (1:12)
23. Down with Disease (12:10)
24. ...banter... (4:29)
25. Fluffhead (14:43)
26. Joy (4:54)
27. The Squirming Coil (8:24)
28. You Enjoy Myself (18:29)
29. ...banter... (3:13)
30. Blue Moon # (3:55)
31. Loving Cup (6:23)

* with Auld Lang Syne teases.
# a Phish debut.

source: Schoeps MK41's>Schoeps KCY 250/05I>Schoeps VST62ui>Lunatec V3>Sound Devices 744t (@24/88.2)
transfer: SD744t>Soundforge 9 (Fades, Sample/Bit Rate Conversion to 16/44.1)>CDWAV>FLAC

Recorded and Processed By Keith Litzenberger

AC/DC Bag and Ghost contained Auld Lang Syne teases.
Swept Away and Steep were played for the first time since July 1, 2000 (145 shows).
Demand was played for the first time since November 14, 1996 (392 shows).
N02 was played for the first time since July 13, 1999 (219 shows).
Prior to the third set, a pedestal stating 2010 was placed on the front of the stage and a covered structure was placed behind Fishman's drumset. During DWD, as the clock turned midnight, hundreds of balloons were released upon the crowd, fireworks went off on each side of the stage, and the disco ball was lowered onto the pedestal. After DWD, Trey opened the ball and Fishman climbed inside. Trey and Mike, with some help from stagehands, proceeded to put the ball in a giant cannon aimed towards a giant net hanging from the rafters with an illuminated "X" on it. Page hit the trigger and purportedly "blasted" the ball through, not only the net, but also the roof of the arena. A searchlight appeared to come through the roof and was accompanied by helicopter sounds. With Fishman apparently shot out of the venue, Trey asked if anybody knew how to play the drums and ended up finding Sarah, a girl from Pittsburgh. Trey asked how long she had played the drums and what her favorite song was and she responded with 6 months and Fluffhead respectively. Sarah was surreptitiously replaced by Fishman, now wearing a dress identical to Sarah's and a black wig, who played the entire third set and encore, but Sarah came out at the end of the third set and bowed with the band instead of him. Blue Moon was a Phish debut and was performed as an instrumental while Trey thanked the entire crew. After the show, the disco ball was revealed to have "crashed" into a white car that had been parked in front of the American Airlines Arena with a sign on the windshield stating "This car was driven down from Vermont" and "fueled by maple syrup." After being "struck" by the "human cannonball," the car was emitting smoke and leaking maple syrup and the entire area was cordoned off with police tape.

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