Pnuma - 05-19-2006


Dancing Wu-Li Festival
Snipes Farm
Morrisville, PA

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/34
quality rating: A

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1. ...soundcheck... (4:31)
2. improv (15:42)
3. improv (31:18)
4. improv (38:51)
5. improv (29:25)

late night set at the barn stage. set was booked as Pnuma Trio, but their keyboard player fell ill and Ian McGuire from MJ Project and Todd Stoops from RAQ sat in on keyboards, Chris Michetti of RAQ sat in on guitar also.

source: Oktava mc-012(cards)>m-audio mobile pre-usb> sony vaio vng-s260 (Goldwave @48kHz)
taper: Don D, EAC'd, encoded & Seeded by Cliff Kaelin, Thanks to Payl C.

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