RAQ - 07-24-2004


Camp Creek Late Night Tent
Mariaville, NY

discs: 1
recording type: AUD/neumann
shn: not yet
quality rating: A-

[disc 1] (79:40)
1. Late Night > (6:37)
2. Late Night con't (6:41)
3. Trouble Every Day (9:49)
4. Shirley Be a Drooler (9:10)
5. Stuck in a Hole (10:41)
6. The Way It Is (5:14)
7. Barometric (6:12)
8. Guilty Pleasures > (15:58)
9. Mollies Cules (4:49)
10. Carbs (4:25)

source: Neumann SKM-184 (NOS @ 10', 15' from PA's) > Audio Magic X-treme Cables > Sound Devices MP-2 > Oade mod SBM-1 > Sony 7-pin-to-optical > Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox 3

Recording and mastering by mw@mikewren.com, Special thanks to Dave, Pete, Tony and Rob with DigitalSoundBoard.net!


Unlike the previous nights Brothers Past show at the late night tent, this show was not run through the PA stacks, except for vocals. This is why the bass response is somewhat lacking - all instruments are heard without PA amplification.

The band started 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, and was asked to stop a few minutes before their scheduled hour thirty minute set, due to noise complaints --- Brothers Past the night before raged loud and late, Gathering of the Vibes was two weekends prior at the same venue, and they were shutting down late night drum circles at both shows.

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