RAQ - 08-19-2005


Raq Lew-Au
The Pharm
New Woodstock, NY

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/17
quality rating: A

set 2:
1. Walking in Circles (12:55)
2. Ventriloquist (6:36)
3. Forget Me Not (5:05)
4. Late Night > (8:36)
5. Goner > (5:43)
6. Late Night (6:08)
7. Carbohydrates Are the Enemy (12:46)
8. ...banter... (1:52)
9. Hot Wired (8:13)
10. Bootch Magoo (13:30)

source: AKG C460b + CK 61 ULS-> T+mod UA5 > Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 (JB3)
transfer: JB3 > firewire > CDWav > Adobe Audition > Flac frontend

Taper and Transfer: Daniel Godwin (daniel@dgodwin.com)

Notes: Wind was really kickin, but its only noticable during quiet parts, and between songs. Not too bad. Encore edited from separate track (same source) Only a couple seconds of banter missed. Wind spun mics so a little off-center, and is noticible towards the end of the first song of the encore.

Missed the first set while trying to set another tent. Thanks to Kyle (rocksuitcase) for all the help setting up the taper's section, and helping to provide whatever myself and the other tapers needed. Questions, email me: daniel@upstatetapers.org

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