Rebirth Brass Band - 02-25-2001

Rebirth Brass Band

Lou's Bacchus Bash
St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA

discs: 1
recording type: MATRIX
shn: yes; book/page: 4/11
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (68:32)
1. ...intro... (0:25)
2. Grazin in the Grass (6:31)
3. Mardi Gras New Orleans (6:18)
4. We've Come to Party (8:19)
5. Feel Like Funkin It Up (5:46)
6. Take It to the Street (5:03)
7. Chameleon (7:19)
8. Tornado Special > (9:09)
9. Who Na Nae (19:36)

source: SBD + stereo on stage mics
transfer: Taper > Maxell CD-R> EAC > FLAC Frontend > .flac

Original Seeder's Notes:

Originally seeded April 23, 2005, IN CELEBRATION OF JAZZFEST 2005.
This VERY special gem was captured by Anna's ex-boyfriend (sorry I forgot your name, dude), who claimed to do alot of audio gigs in New Orleans. Judging by the high quality of this recording, I don't doubt this claim. He was kind enough to send me a CD-R of the show a couple months after our hangovers subsided. The band performed both before and after the Bacchus parade on the front porch of a very nice house along St. Charles Avenue. Of course, the energy of this show was great, it's Mardi Gras! I stick this CD in for an instant party wherever I am. I realize that the info regarding the transfer is vague, but it's the best I've got.

Thanks to the original taper, and thanks to all the generous folks who spend their time taping and sharing great music in this community and others like it. This one's for you.

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