Robert Walter Super Jam - 01-08-2009

Robert Walter Super Jam

The Pool Stage
MSC Orchestra

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/64
quality rating: A

[show] (98:02)
1. ? ~ (8:28)
2. Maple Plank ~ (8:49)
3. Will It Go Round in Circles (Billy Preston) # (8:19)
4. The World is a Little Bit Under the Weather (Funky Meters) # (10:34)
5. Palm Grease $ (8:10)
6. Pusherman (Curtis Mayfield) $% (9:00)
7. In Time (Sly & the Family Stone) & (9:02)
8. Living Just Enough for the City (Stevie Wonder) @ (8:36)
9. Lively Up Yourself (Bob Marley) + (7:50)
10. ? (Dirty Dozen Brass Band) %% (11:56)
11. Midnight Disturbers horn procession (7:25)

~ with Stanton Moore on drums.
# with Ivan Neville on keyboards, George Porter on bass, and Russell Batiste on drums.
$ with Eric Krasno on bass and Adam Deitch on drums.
% Ivan rejoins on keyboards on vocals.
& with Tony Hall, Nick Daniels, and Ivan Neville.
@ with Jans Ingber on vocals, and Kris Myers (Umphrey's McGee) on drums.
+ with Pete (from the New Mastersounds) on bass.
%% with the Midnight Disturbers on horns.

Robert Walter hosted a smorgasboard of musicians, above i listed the ones that were called out in the recording, the taper has provided this more comprehensive list of the players: Robert Walter (keyboards) Ivan Neville (keyboards, vocals) Reed Mathis (bass) George Porter Jr (bass) Russell Batiste Jr (drums) Brian Stoltz (guitar) Karl Denson (saxaphone, flute) Brian Jordan (guitar) Mike Dillon (percussion) Stanton Moore (drums) Jans Ingber (vocals, percussion) Bonerama Horns The Midnight Disturbers Brass Band Pete Shand (bass) Eddie Roberts (guitar) Adam Smirnoff (guitar) Kris Myers (drums) Adam Deitch (drums) Eric Krasno (bass, guitar) Skerik (saxaphone) Ben Ellman (saxaphone)

source: 4 Channel Schoeps: MK4>din>KC5>CMC6>KindKables>V3>spdif>744T (HPF 0) 24/48 + MK2s>double KwonNOS>KC5>CMC6>KindKables>V3>XLR>744T (HPF 2) 24/48
location: behind bench around pool, about 20' back, stand at 6'
transfer: Sound Devices 744t>Wavelab 5.0 >CD Wave>flac(16)
recorded by: Bennett Schwartz

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