Schleigho - 04-04-2009


Revolution Hall
Troy, NY

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

[show] (107:45)
1. Palindrome (7:02)
2. Keep It in the Car (14:46)
3. Farewell to the Sun * (17:31)
4. Star Wars Trash Compactor Phobia (12:24)
5. Same Game (12:20)
6. Go Children (17:04)
7. Or Something (19:06)
8. Shine Blue (7:35)

* Terry Lynch joins them onstage and freestyles.
# Shannon Lynch sits in on sax.

The Band: Suke Cerulo - guitar, flute, vocals Erik Egol - drums Drew McCabe - bass Jesse Gibbon - piano, organ

location: Clamped to the balcony railing DFC
source: Neumann U89i (Hyper, DIN, -80H)> Grace Design Lunatec V2> Apogee Minime> Endrol R-44 (24/96) on a 8gb Sandisk Extreme 3 SDHC card.
transfer: SDHC card> Card Reader> PC> Samplitued SE No.9 (Normalize, Fade In/Out, Resample to 44.1k, and Dither to 16bit)> CD Wave Editor (Tracked and Converted to Flac).
recorded by: Ed Guidry (

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