Soulive - 03-13-2010


Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/17
quality rating: A

[show] (154:35)
set 1:
1. Upshot (6:56)
2. Rudy's Way * (10:07)
3. Hat Trick % (11:06)
4. Up Right (6:40)
5. PJs (10:45)
6. El Ron (12:40)
set 2:
7. Cash's Dream $ (14:39)
8. Vacation $%^** (11:12)
9. Roll Out (8:47)
10. Everybody Wants to Rule the World @+ (8:21)
11. Born Under a Bad Sign #+ (10:15)
12. Little Wing # (5:46)
13. Freeway Jam # > Doin' It to Death #+ (16:48)
14. Red House #+ (8:01)
15. Eleanor Rigby (6:30) > I Want You (She's So Heavy) (12:24)

* Kofi Burbridge enters, playing flute and keyboards.
** Kofi leaves after this song.
% the Shady Horns join (Ryan Zoidis on baritone sax, and James Casey on tenor sax) and play thru the end of the set.
$ with DJ Logic on the turntables.
^ with Blake Chelsea (sax) and Maurice Brown (trumpet).
@ with nicky plasty? on percussion.
+ with Nigel Hall on vocals.
# with Warren Haynes on guitar and vocals.

nite 10 of bowlive

show notes from Kraz: The 1st set began trio and some early material with Up shot and Rudy's way. We quickly brought Ryan Zoidis on Bari sax and James Casey on tenor and blazed through some material from the "Up Here" album. James has just learned these but fully ripped it while Zwad tackled the huge Bari parts with authority. We ended with El Ron which went into an extended horn duo section which had the crowd goin crazy. On the 2nd set we came right out with Kofi on flute. I have to say that Kofi is a true genius! He picks up every song right away and instantly puts his own vibe on it. He was with the whole 2nd week, and THEN his flight planned for Saturday got cancelled so he came back and finished out the run with us. We'd never been so happy about cancelled flight! Anyway, Kofi played on Cash's Dream then we brought out the horns and did one of Kofi's original tunes called "Vacation". We continued with a tune from my new album called "Roll Out" then got word that the great Warren Haynes was in the building! He came out to a roaring crowd and did Born Under a Bad Sign with Nigel sharing the vocal duties. Warren then took us in to a version of Little Wing (he sang the sht out of this song!!!). We then went from Freeway Jam (Jeff Beck) into Funky Good Time and brought it home with a version of Red House that had Warren wailing on that Les Paul like nobody else can. It was a perfect way to end such an incredible run!! One last thanks to all the fans who came out supported this event, we hope to continue Bowlive for many years to come. Kraz

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