Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 06-10-2004

Sound Tribe Sector 9

A Tasty World
Athens, GA

discs: 2
recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 3/49
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (72:40)
1. ...intro... (1:07)
2. improv (10:45)
3. improv (15:54)
4. Kabuki * (12:11)
5. Tap-In Dub Jam (9:39)
6. Twilight (9:55)
7. improv * (13:07)

[disc 2] (79:19)
1. improv (10:52)
2. Kamuy jam (16:31)
3. From Now On (9:10)
4. ...speech... (0:53)
5. Dance (22:28)
6. ...outro... (0:21)

7. soundcheck (from earlier) (19:02)

* with Cosmos on vocals

source: AKG 483 DFC, FOB, ORTF> Roland UA5 (Oade Mod 1)> Nomad JB3
transfer: Nomad JB3 (firewire)> Wavelab 4.0 (batch render mastering*, normalize & fades) > cdwav > mkw (.96f)
taper: Zach Sheeran (bobo1111 at msn dot com)

taper note: I wiped out everything below 50Hz or so by rendering through a multiband compressor to get rid of some wind noise coming from a fan somewhere. Despite turning off the fan directly above the mic there must have been some breeze coming from another one. Its still audible in the recording in the quiet parts however the really low end rumble is gone. I could have taken all of it out up to 110 Hz but that removes a lot of the tasty low end. Its not a bad trade, you only hear it about 10% of the time. If anyone knows of further processing that would get rid of it all, shoot me some mail at the above address and I'll give it a shot. Aside from the wind noise, there are a bunch of instances of crackle and noise coming from the house system.

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