String Cheese Incident - 10-01-1997

String Cheese Incident

Flagstaff, AZ

recording type: SBD
shn: yes; book/page: 4/27
quality rating: A-

[show] (174:00)
set 1:
1. Born on the Wrong Planet (4:53)
2. Another Night (3:33)
3. Lonesome Fiddle Blues (12:01)
4. Got What He Wanted (4:25)
5. Chili Dawg > (9:45)
6. How Mountain Girls Can Love (3:53)
7. Rhum 'n' Zouc (7:32)
8. Bigger Isn't Better > (13:25)
9. Ramblin' Man (6:30)
set 2:
10. ...tuning... (1:19)
11. Mouna Bowa > (13:22)
12. Little Hands > (12:30)
13. Dudley's Kitchen (4:49)
14. On The Road (7:50)
15. Blue Bossa (9:41)
16. Rhythm of the Road (8:14)
17. Round the Wheel > (10:24)
18. drums > (4:28)
19. Johnny Cash (14:06)
20. The Road Home > (6:26)
21. Jellyfish > (12:34)
22. Whiskey Before Breakfast (5:41)

source: Soundboard > Tascam DA-P1 > DAT Master > Clone (Brooks Elliott @ SCI Archive) > My Clone
transfer: My Clone > Denon DTR-2000 > Hosa DRA-501 > Cool Edit Pro v1.2a > CD Wave Editor v1.94.1 > FLAC v1.7.1 > FLAC
recorded by: Frank Seanez
transferred by: Ryan NeRoy (rneroy at comcast dot net)

Show Notes:
- Show Can Be Assembled Seamlessly On To Longer Media.
- There Are Some Static Issues During Portions Of The Second Half Of The First Set Possibly Due To A Loose Cable (That My Best Guess). The Static Is Most Noticeable During "Ramblin' Man", Which Also Has Two Half-Second Dropouts. There Is Also A minor Dropout During The Jam Out Of "Bigger Isn't Better". The Second Set Seems To Be Good.

Additional Notes:
- Let Me Just Say That In Almost 200 Cheese Shows That I've Been To That This Show Stands Out In So Many Ways! I Would Also Venture To Be So Bold To Say That This Is THE BEST show I Have Ever Seen Them Play! The Setlist Is Incredible...The Playing Is All On Point...And The Crowd That Night Was Vibing With The Band In A Way I Have Rarely Seen...And All For Only $7 Bucks! Oh How I Miss The Old Days...But I Digress. Having Said That I Figured It Was About Time This Show Be Shared With The Masses.

Enjoy! Ryan NeRoy (rneroy at comcast dot net)

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