String Cheese Incident - 07-28-2000

String Cheese Incident

Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, AZ

discs: 3
recording type: DSBD
shn: yes; book/page: 1/19
quality rating: A+

[disc 1] (64:41)
set 1:
1. Mouna Bowa (9:16)
2. Got What He Wanted (15:00)
3. Up the Canyon (4:35)
4. MLT (13:45)
5. Bigger Isn't Better > (17:29)
6. The Hobo Song (4:33)

[disc 2] (60:09)
set 1 con't:
1. Birdland (14:46)
set 2:
2. Blackberry Blossom > jam > Blackberry Blossom * (19:06)
3. Best Feeling > jam > ** (15:03)
4. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (7:20)
5. Another Night (3:52)

[disc 3] (53:43)
set 2 con't:
1. Water (10:36)
2. Impressions > jam > (22:01)
3. On the Road *** (8:39)
4. ...crowd noise... (2:09)
5. Smile (10:16)

source: Digital Soundboard
lineage: SBD > DAT > CD > EAC (TDK VeloCD) > SHN

* w/ 'Roundabout' teases ** w/ 1st verse of 'Cumberland Blues' *** w/ 'Third Stone From the Sun' teases

What a summer for SCI... and those who love to go watch them do their thing. In years past, during the summer SCI would go out on the festival circuit playing hour-long sets... this summer they took off on their own and played an epic tour. Some of America's most fantastic venues were visited. Telluride, Devil's Head, Bekeley's Greek Theatre, Hornings Hideout, Red Rocks, LA's John Anson Ford and Mount Shasta were all amazing shows no doubt.

When it came time to tree some stuff from this tour I figured I would break away from the stuff that seems to be over-circulating, and tree a pair of shows that were off the beaten path...

...These 'Arizona Melt-Down' shows fit this bill.

The first show that we will be taking a look at was one of the only shows of the summer that was indoors... and in Phoenix, AZ in July whatever is happening needs to happen inside. It was 115 degrees in Phoenix on this day. I saw 9 shows this summer and of all the ones I *didn't* see I think this is the one I missed most. The Celebrity Theatre is a small room that is a 'theatre in the round'... the stage revolves so all people in the room get a chance to see the band. No seat is farther than 35 rows, and the sound is *loud*. I really think the band took it to the outside realm at this show via a lot of really strange jams with numerous tease's thrown in for good measure.

Enjoy this show.

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