Sun Ra Intergalactic Myth Research Arkestra - 05-29-1981

Sun Ra Intergalactic Myth Research Arkestra

D.C. Space
Washington DC

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A-

[show] (111:12)
1. untitled improvisation (6:00)
2. Sunology > The Lion of the Heavens (2:30)
3. Along Came Ra (0:45)
4. Mystery Mr. Ra (0:14)
5. Discipline 27 > unidentified title (13:28)
6. Spontaneous Simplicity (9:48)
7. Blue Lou (4:17)
8. Fate in a Pleasant Mood (6:30)
9. unidentified ballad (3:55)
10. Round Midnight (7:36)
11. Watusi > Imagination > Space Is the Place > We Travel the Spaceways (56:09)

The Band: Sun Ra - keyboards, piano, vocals Ronnie Brown - trumpet Tyrone Hill - trombone Marshall Allen - alto saxophone, flute, EVI, percussion John Gilmore - tenor saxophone, EVI, percussion Eloe Omoe - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion Danny Ray Thompson - baritone saxophone, flute, EVI, percussion James Jacson - bass clarinet, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum Hayes Burnett - bass Samarai Celestial - drums Craig Haynes - drums, space drum unidentified - percussion June Tyson - vocals dancers also present

source: made from the master cassettes

from "DC" our anonymous donor: Sun Ra and the Arkestra live at DC Space, Washington DC, May 29, 1981, first set, from the master cassettes. The recording was made from the second row of tables, far right, using a Sony TC-150 mono cassette recorder with ALC and conventional bias Maxell cassettes. This transfer was made in 2013 by playing the master tapes on an Akai GX F31 cassette deck into a PC, where the signal was captured via Goldwave. The channel with the strongest signal was copied and the copy was pasted into the opposite channel for true mono sound. A very nice alternate recording, by a different person using a stereo recorder, has previously circulated.

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