Treat Her Right - 09-27-2009

Treat Her Right

Mark Sandman Memorial Concert
The Middle East (basement)
Cambridge, MA

recording type: AUD
shn: yes; book/page: 5/8
quality rating: A

[show] (38:14)
1. ...intro... (0:28)
2. Junkyard (7:20)
3. Hank * (5:16)
4. Jet Black (4:53)
5. If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day (5:55)
6. I Think She Likes Me (5:57)
7. Back to Sin City (8:27)

The Band:
Billy Conway - drums
Dave Champagne - guitar
Jim Fitting - harmonica, vocals

* with Katie Champagne on vocals.

location: 21cm ORTF On stage DFC
source: Schoeps MK22>KC5>CMC6>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee Mini-me(aes out@24 bit/96khz)>COAX>Edirol R-44
transfer: SD-HC Card>USB>Soundforge 8(tracking,normalize,resample/dither to 16bit/44.1khz)>FLAC (sector alignment,Level 8)

recorded and transferred by: Andy Murray

This Sunday, Cambridge will be alive in celebration of Morphine frontman Mark Sandman, a local music legend whose untimely death left a huge mark on the scene. It's been ten whole years now (Wow!) but Sandman's spirit has lived on through his friends and former bandmates. Many of them will be participating in Sunday's concert, which will feature performances by Orchestra Morphine, Elastic Waste Band, Treat Her Right, Zili Misik, Mean Creek, Rite Hook, Faces on Film, Mariachi Internationale, Mickey Bones, and more.

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