hippiehop - 05-27-2005


Memorial Daze
Philadelphia, PA

recording type: SBD
shn: yes; book/page: 0/0
quality rating: A

[show] (51:54)
1. Mineking (3:37)
2. This is the Future (4:48)
3. I've Come to Save the World (9:33)
4. This is the Future (3:22)
5. Demons (3:20)
6. Open the Door (6:02)
7. Mineking (3:37)
8. Dark Feast (3:26)
9. Cryst-All-Eyes (3:35)
10. I (1:52)
11. Darkest Hemispheres (5:41)
12. Oil (1:38)
13. Easter (1:28)

source: master
lineage: reason > wav > shn
taper: hippiehop
transfer: hippiehop

notes from hippiehop:

I wanted to get a CD together to hand out at the Jam on the River on Memorial Day weekend. I felt like it was never really finished, so I didn't burn any copies. But the more I listened to it on my ipod, the more I liked this collection of songs.

There are a bunch of grooves I made when I first got an Oxygen 8 keyboard. I usually make music with the mouse and computer, so this is some of the first stuff with me "actually" playing an instrument, which often just meant tweaking the mod wheel.

I planned on adding vocals to tracks like Darkest Hemispheres and I've Come to Save the World but I like them this way, and it goes more with the "live" feeling anyway, to just go with what I did in the original session.

There are a few really tight versions of songs with vocals: demons, mineking, i, and dark feast. I love these versions and especially love the bonus mineking beats later in the set. It was really cool because when I was recording vocals to the opening track, a siren went by out the window and it made the perfect intro to the set.

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